Another high school After Prom is in the books! The kids had a great time Saturday night into Sunday morning and the adults, as well as the kids, are still recovering! With the help of so many parent and community volunteers, this event has become a safe and popular six hour event that is often even more fun than the dance itself. From fake movie props to match the annual theme to students who spend the entire night hanging out at the free on site coffee shop, the night is a way for juniors and seniors, as well as guests, to spend one more night to remember before the end of the school year.

This year’s theme was Now Showing and featured television shows and movies, so the fake movie props were not only used for photo booths, but large hanging decorations and backdrops as well. With the use of custom prop money at the casino to stand after stand of favorite food items, the students were well fed, entertained, and celebrated. At the end of the night, the tear down happens a lot faster than the set up that takes most of 24 hours, in part because the students are allowed to take some of the props home as souvenirs.

Money Props are Legally Monitored by Government Rules and Regulations

It should come as no surprise that whether money props are used in Hollywood or at a high school After Prom event, there are some pretty serious regulations about what those props can look like. In fact, one of the most important rules is that digital copies of prop money must have a resolution of 72dpi or less. In efforts to make sure that prop money is never intentionally or accidentally used in the real world, there are also other regulations about size and color.

In addition to being careful about how a film uses or creates money, they also have to be very careful about any time money is destroyed. For instance, if a film requires burning money, filmmakers must use also prop money. Burning legitimate currency is a crime, and statute 18 USC 33 prohibits burning money or mutilating currency. After Prom parties, Hollywood, and money props are all fun and games right up until the point when someone makes the intentional or accidental mistake of creating currency that is too much like the real thing.