Have you ever wondered what would happen if an unruly passenger were to get violent on a plane? Surely, their are procedures in place and people trained to handle the situation. You would be right. Flight attendants, staff, and even pilots are trained how to deal with violent passengers and how to effectively restrain them. However, this does not make the situation any less scary. In this video, you will see a scary moment caught on camera when a man attempts to fight flight attendants.

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This man will likely need emergency bail bonds if he is let out on bail at all.

When the threat of violence is imminent, the staff has to think quickly. In this video, you see how some quick thinking paid off. The violent man had to be restrained, but this was proving difficult. Thankfully, their was some spare duct tape on hand. The flight attendants smartly used the duct tape to tie up the man. He was then taped to his chair. This proved effective until the plane landed and police were able to take over. If it were not for the quick thinking of the flight attendants, it is entirely possible that people could have been hurt in the process of restraining the man.