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10 Best Fests: A Directory
When you ask from film directors, Biz insiders, actors or moviegoers that which are the top film festivals, they would undoubtedly give different answers to this question.  Few will tell you that we like Venice in Italy and a few will tell you that we like Cannes in France.  After thorough researches and investigations, we have developed the list of top 10 best film fests.

1. Festival de Cannes (Cannes, France):
This is supposed to be masterpiece of all festivals. In the past few years, this fest has been attractive to top class film directors and emerging filmmakers. This place has remained as the hub of creative moments for the film industry and this brand is grossly known to the people of whole world. Hence, it is supposed to be best of all fests.

2. Sundance Film Festival (Park City, U.S.):
In United States, filmmakers call Sundance as cradle of the American indie movement. This place is supposed to be very good for promotional and business purposes and it continues to highlight upcoming anticipated titles of the American cinema.

3. Toronto International Film Festival (Toronto, Canada):
This place is used as a launching pad for new releases. And, experts hold the opinion that it is the Toronto fest that attracts North American Film industry to largest extent.  They further opine that this festival has the tendency to develop critics on every movie from regional level to Oscar.

4. South by Southwest (Austin, TX, U.S.):
Though this fest is controversial yet we would like to go for it. In the beginning SXSW was promisingly used for showcasing new music but it has not been preferably used for films and other interactive events.  Technological innovations combined with electrifying environment are the main reasons of putting SXSW on fourth position.

5. International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
IDFA remains the most attractive festival for the North American audiences and for the whole world. In the past few decades, it has nicely showcased Silver Docs, Hot Docs, and many other Docs. Besides, its European based forum is supposed to be main market for international documentaries production.  This fest also attracts a big majority of local audience to larger extent.

6. Venice Film Festival (Italy):
For popular film festivals Venice is the best fest for parties, Premiers, and paparazzi. No doubt, there is no substance of Venice for the film industry and it is supposed to be best destination for some of the most important premiers of given year.

7. Berlin International Film Festival (Germany):
From cold war to fall of Berlin wall, this place has remained one of the most attractive places for filmmakers and film industry of the world. It has been observed that attendees have always praised the event for having colorful and cherishing venues for film festivals. They think that it adds more colors to the existing work of Hollywood in celebratory form and supposed to be very splashing for the film industry.

8. International Film Festival Rotterdam (The Netherlands):
Rotterdam is known for exploiting new voice talent. It has grossly helped all the new comers to emerge as a known celebrity in the Cinema industry. Its Cine Mart signature has always provided financial help to those talented people who have never been supported to come in the limelight.

9. New York Film Festival:
This is the most important and attractive fest in the United States that showcase important voices in the world Cinema.  Actually, this fest is called a discovery festival that has introduced various talents in a meaningful manner. Few people call it the torch bearer of traditional voice records.

10. Telluride Film Festival (Colorado, U.S.A.):
The thing that distinguishes Telluride from others is that it projects new and classic films like a big Cinema. It provides very good environment to attendees in a highly innovative manner.