The United States is a largely industrial nation, but Americans haven’t forgotten their more rustic roots. In eastern states such as New York and Pennsylvania, many authentic rural farms may be found, and while these are commercial sites for agriculture, many of them open their doors for fun-loving guests who are interested in farm activities. These farm activities vary widely for every member of the family, and this includes visiting the apple farm, where kids may climb ladders and (with supervision) pick apples right from the trees. Kids can also go on hay bale rides or even visit a pumpkin patch during harvest season, and they can pick pumpkins to take home with them. Meanwhile, parents may oversee their kids during these farm activities and also make good use of those fresh ingredient. Apples and pumpkins are great for baking all sorts of snacks and desserts, ranging from apple donuts to apple pies to pumpkin pies during autumn. And of course, adult farm activities include rustic destination weddings.

Apples and Their Recipes

Widely eaten in the Americas and Europe and Asia alike, apples are among the world’s favorite fruits, and there’s plenty of them to choose from. Around 7,500 varieties of apples can be found globally today, and 2,500 of them are found in the United States alone. Apples are popular both to be eaten as they are, and for making other snacks. Applesauce is a common example of this, but hardly the only one. Apple pies are a staple of any dessert platter, and many Americans and Canadians may enjoy apple pie during autumn and winter alike. Surveys done by Crisco and the American Pie Council found that pies ranked first among all desserts that Americans would want friends or relatives to bring over for a holiday house dinner. In particular, Crisco and the American Pie Council surveyed some people on their favorite pie flavor, and apple ranked first at 47%. Pumpkin pie was the second most popular choice, at 37%, and chocolate cream was the third flavor at 32% (more than one flavor could be chosen).

Apple pie is a staple, but there are even more options, too. Kids can have healthy snacks when their parents cut apples into slices and offer peanut butter too, and apples can be made into apple fritters or even jam to put on pastries. But what about pumpkins?

All About Pumpkins

These large and distinctive vegetables are not eaten the same way apples are, but they’re edible and prove popular for making pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie ranks among the most popular pie flavors and is often enjoyed with whipped cream, and a person may also salt and bake pumpkin seeds to make low-calorie snacks. Not only that, but pumpkins are decorative and are symbolic of both Halloween and Thanksgiving. They can be carved into jack-o-lanterns (kids should have adults carve these for them), and pumpkins can be used whole as decorations along with gourds and similar produce.

Farm Destination Weddings

Kids may enjoy farm activities such as hay bale rides and picking apples and pumpkins, while adults may visit these farms for charming destination weddings. More and more brides and grooms today are opting for thematic destination weddings rather than standard ballroom weddings, and this includes autumn farms, among other locals. An interested bride and groom may check local farms and ask the owners if they may borrow the premises for such a wedding. If those arrangements work out, the wedding party may plan around this. Guests may need lodgings at nearby hotels, and may either drive themselves there or even carpool in a limo. The advantage is that these farms are already fully furnished for a rustic setting, from the wooden barn and charming farm house to the apple orchards and more. At the wedding, tables may be decorated with actual produce in baskets, and these fresh fruits and vegetables can be given as gifts to the guests. Not only are pumpkins and gourds and apples attractive, but they are edible, too.