You’ve been thinking of many ideas for your upcoming film project. It can be crazy putting together a coherent storyline in this age of sci-fi thriller movies. But don’t worry, your ideas will get a heads-up when you read this article. Let’s dive deeply into interesting and disturbing film ideas you may want to consider for your next production.

1. High School Angst

If you went to high school, you’ll remember the mischief you took part in during your four years, or six years if you went on to advanced-level high school studies. You were probably the star act in your performing arts school, and you’d want to take it to another level. High school season coincides with the teenage years for most learners. This is a phase when they deal with many hormones that are part of their rapid growth. They exhibit mood swings, from high highs to extreme lows.

What a time to turn this into a film idea when there’s more attention to mental health issues! Your film could examine how parental neglect as their teen cries for help leads to dangerous suicidal attempts. The child is taken to the doctor on the verge of dying but is saved due to expert support and interventions by professionals. The story will highlight how the nudges and gas adults ignore can sometimes turn fatal as teens deal with overwhelming emotions.

Biker Gang Trouble

In keeping with the high testosterone among bikers, you can venture into a film idea equally packed with adrenaline. Picture this: a group of rough-riding bikers pull up at the most popular motorcycle dealers‘ garage in your hood. The mechanics are busy attending to customers, some with old and others with new bikes. Anyway, the band has stopped by and is demanding help. Everything else must stop so these bikers are attended to first.

Their leader is a young man, barely out of his teens. He’s carrying something, and he wants you to see it. His small crowd of bikers is keenly watching your every move. The young biker motions you to come to him, and you approach him.

He shows you his small companion and explains that they’ve just collected this infant from a dumpster. They can’t leave the helpless child alone and can’t carry him to the hills, where they go on a camping trip. They’re not sure what to do.

No homeless shelters are open; it’s the holiday season, and it seems everyone’s in a hurry to leave for the holidays. He’ll leave the baby with you, he says. You don’t want to cause a scene, but your brain can’t think as fast. What options could you give? You expected the crowd would bring trouble to the garage, but things are taking a different route. That’s a film idea for you.

Bank Heist

As a film producer, you’ve loved to watch those gripping movies that leave you on the edge of your seat. The movies with money to be made bring audiences a certain suspense and anxiety. In this film idea, the spin will be on how this money is made and who makes this money.

Most storylines make their characters appear in a court room to answer criminal charges once they’re convicted of robbery, but in this case, the bank heist turns against the bank manager. It was her spouse who masterminded the whole robbery. The cunning spouse has been hacking into his partner’s laptop, smartphone, and all other gadgets. He has hold of all her passwords, including the heavily encrypted ones that give her access to the bank’s strongroom.

He knows when she’s unwell, when she’s happy, and when she’s meeting a client. Her life is entirely monitored by her spouse, without her knowledge. On the day of the bank robbery, masked goons came in brandishing pistols. It’s an ordinary entry for the bank manager’s spouse. He’s dropping by on his way from the dentist’s appointment. How he manages to cart away sack loads of cash; how about you tell us yourself?

Street Racing

As a car enthusiast, you plan to see the world’s fastest racers. Abu Dhabi is your next stop. The day comes, and you’ve joined thousands of other spectators in the audience stands, hoping to have the time of your life. Your favorite racers are at the starting line; what else could you ask for? This is another film idea for you.

But something isn’t sitting well with you. There’s what you want, but you can’t put a finger on it. You know you want to be among the racers. Max Verstappen, maybe? Well, yea, he’s among the racers. You can watch and be happy. Only that for now, you’re more interested in dressing up in those heavy overalls and sitting in one of those supercars. Max Verstappen’s custom car RB19 stops by just before your dream stops. And he walks up to you, keen to tell you something, but then you wake up. This would be an interesting film idea to do.

Murder Investigation

Do you want a storyline that every moviegoer will be talking about for days? Your next film idea should touch on the nerve of US federal law. Think of a series of crimes, all very evil. A shocking plot such as terrorism may annoy many moviegoers, but have you thought of a wicked plan that will affect ordinary American lives?

You’re the leader of a gang that terrorizes seafarers. You’ve successfully raided ships sailing to many parts of the world for years. But this time, you want to advance your schemes onto US soil. Your seafarer friends who’re in the business of human trafficking want to introduce you to selling live babies.

They promise to bring you children as young as five years old from all over the world, and it’s up to you to illegally get them into America and then sell them for a tidy sum. You’ve been involved in evil, but you know this belongs in federal crimes that’ll get you life in prison if caught. Will you fall for this warped, depraved, yet lucrative idea?

Restaurant Kitchen

Many people love food. This next film idea will capture the food business and expose its dangers to those who love eating out, hopefully without scaring them. The culinary business is successful in most parts of the U.S., but you’ll introduce a strange new idea in your film.

You’re licensed to run a local steakhouse in your hood. This means your restaurant’s major selling point is the various steak delicacies you can offer your customers. Among your biggest marketing campaigns is that meat lovers will have a special tasting event on Fridays. You’ll not reveal what they’re going to taste.

The campaign takes off to a successful run for months. Raving reviews on television and online discussions bring in hordes of curious diners, especially on Fridays. Your business is booming until a regular but attentive customer discovers the restaurant sells human meat on Fridays. The film will involve the FBI’s investigation to arrest the culprits and stop the killings.

Scientific Discovery

Your film idea this time is derived from your career as a scientist. You’ve been working for decades with a community that was long forgotten by the world. They live off the grid. They eat natural foods and do not mix with the world’s modern technologies. This could be why it’s challenging to get through to them. But they’re still prone to the dangerous kind of cancer that attacks only men.

As a male scientist, this cancer has fascinated you for days since your first visit to this community. When your colleagues finished their projects, they all packed up and left. But not you. You insisted on staying as you further observed these unique people and their problems. You’d occasionally visit your science headquarters in New York City to fetch one item or another, then disappear back into the community.

You’ve adapted to life in that new land and are almost forgotten back in the noisy, fast life. But one day, you visit the NYC office and ask to speak with the head of research. You’d want to share with him the concoction you came up with. It seems to offer reprieve to the sick men. The head of research takes time to listen to your experiences and then takes the concoction through a battery of laboratory experiments.

He then calls in other scientists, who stay glued to the machines for days, as they all acknowledge your discovery is 99% capable of curing the strange cancer strain. Hooray! Your efforts over many years have paid off!

Within no time, the world wants to know who you are. You’re receiving hordes of email requests to be a keynote speaker during groundbreaking science conferences at ivy league universities. Your brief includes sharing your unforgettable experiences among the native people you’ve been living with.

Your film should illustrate this scientist’s life as he interacts with the natives and how he learned to be patient when interacting with them. The story should show how he mixed the various herbs to come up with the cure to the strange disease that only affected the men.

Government Corruption

The voting season is coming next year. How about exposing grand corruption in the corridors of power as your next film idea? You’ll need hours interviewing former secret service operatives, people who worked in local county councils, and talking to those who’ve been part of fundraising for campaigns. One of the most emotive campaign statements is how the new leadership will provide opportunities for economic development once they get into power. As the film producer, your storyline will look at the problems everyday people face when going about their daily lives.

Is it access to health care services? Is it the high cost of food and essential services? Such ideas will form the pain points voters respond to when there’s an election around the corner. Once you’ve got the dossiers of government corruption from former government employees, formulate a storyline depicting how the very leaders who ordinary voters expect to receive help from are the same ones who act helpless when activities such as stealing taxpayer money become rampant under their leadership.

The release of your film must be timed to coincide with the start of the election season. It’ll also be used as a civic education to help voters who are sometimes undecided on what issues will influence their choice on the ballot. Movies on corruption among public servants must stir enough anger to overthrow bad regimes.

Environmental Activism

You’ve watched documentaries on initiatives to save animal species under the threat of extinction in distant parts of the world. These stories are captivating. For instance, Sudan, the northern white rhino, lived in the Czech Republic from 1975 to 2009. He was then moved to Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, Africa, where he died in 2018. The world has just been treated to films highlighting hope for rhinos. Now, here’s your film idea.

The red fox family, which are common creatures in America, are now faced with the threat of extinction by sports hunters. Rich kids, using their family wealth, gleefully shoot at these foxes as the hunting craze picks up among millennials. The storyline will lean towards activism against the super-wealthy American families who keep wildlife on their property. The film will include wildlife removal from their expansive farms as part of interventions to save the animals from extinction.

Music Festival Madness

The season for music festivals and outdoor events is already here. For your next season, your film idea could feature various communities’ cultural festivities during the summer. You can get several ideas by attending the festivals, such as reggae concerts, rock and roll, and pop music festivals all around the country.

These events mostly take advantage of the fine weather with loads of sunshine and long hours outdoors. Have clean and fancy porta potty services for your storyline in the film. A clean loo with enough tissues and flushing water is important for the festival goers.

The ideas for movies and films are numerous, but a creative person can also experience a creativity block. Feel free to use some of the film ideas in this article to develop a new blockbuster. Some of the ideas may appear horrific, but that’s the nature of the film industry today. Remember the Walking Dead?