Many people wish they possessed the skills needed to become an artist, but with some training and tips, many can paint a male nude painting as skillfully as Jose Trujillo. But as you may note from the video, until you have a lot of practice, you will probably not turn out canvases as quickly as he does.

According to Artists & Illustrators, there are several tips to consider as you explore painting male nudes.

Some positions, such as sitting poses, are easier than reclining poses. Full-figure poses can also be difficult, and many of those just learning may opt to crop the image around mid-leg or mid-forearm.

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Keep under-painting simple as most will be covered up once the color layer is applied.

When building your color palette, be sure to include flake white, lemon yellow, cadmium red, and cerulean blue. From these colors, you can create secondary colors by combining them.

Many find that getting the human proportions correct is a difficult task. Many use a body part, such as the head, as a measuring standard. Measuring each area of the body, using the head, will help make the proportions the proper size.

Being an artist can be a rewarding pastime, resulting in unique, one-of-a-kind paintings for your home and precious gifts.