Party planning ideas

On average, 10 million people have played poker in a casino over the last year. Furthermore, 40 million people play poker on a regular basis. If you are looking for creative corporate event ideas or unique fundraising ideas, consider a casino night. This is fun for everyone involved and you will find you generate a great source of revenue.

Where to Start
One of the most important questions to consider when thinking about unique fundraising ideas is how you are going to generate revenue. A casino night fundraiser can actually bring in a lot of money for your event. This comes from food, auctions, drink sales, table sponsorship, and ticket sales. The primary source of revenue will come from ticket sales.

    Ticket Sales

  • Designate a certain number of people to sell tickets before the event. For example, 10 people selling 20 tickets each is much easier than one person trying to sell 200 tickets. This can further divided up depending how many people you have involved.
  • Table Sponsors

  • Ideally, each casino table should have a sponsor. The sponsor will cover the costs of the table and hand out gifts that promote their business. These gifts can be anything from keychains to coupons. The gift can be given out if someone at the table gets a full house or a blackjack, depending on what type of table it is. It is even better if you can get your sponsors to attend the event and see their gifts being used at the tables. This will make it more likely they will return for your next casino night party.
  • Food and Drink

  • Surely you don’t want your guests to go hungry or thirsty throughout the night, so provide ample amount of food and drinks. The type of drinks will depend on the atmosphere of the event and whether you serve alcohol or not. When considering how much to charge for food and drinks, think about the cost per ticket. People are willing to pay more per ticket if they get free food and drinks. Another option is the ticket price includes two free drinks or one free meal. There are a variety of options when it comes to pricing food, drinks, and tickets, so make sure they go together.
  • While food and drink are not the main focus of your event, guests will be disappointed if they are of poor quality. Try to find a balance between not overdoing your budget, but finding high-quality food your guests will enjoy. This will make a big different on how long people will stay at your casino party.


  • There are a two different types of auctions that are great at casino nights, the silent auction and live auction. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Consider the crowd and what you want people to focus on. If you want to keep them at the tables, try the silent auction. If you want to try to bring in as much revenue as possible, a live auction may be a good idea. Be sure to fully weigh out the pros and cons when considering these two options.

When you need unique fundraising ideas, consider a casino night. It can be made into an event for the family, or exclusively adults. There are many ways to make revenue through this method, which also makes it the ideal fundraiser.