If you are looking to do some traveling, there isn’t a better place to go to than the east coast. If you want a combination of history and modern fun, look no further than the local attractions that can be found oceanside. To start from the bottom up, you have the amusement parks in Florida that every family tries to find time to go to every summer.

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Then you hit the rich history found in the great state of Georgia. As you get away from the heat, you start to get to the Carolinas where you can find some great sports entertainment. The biggest attraction that most people end up at when they go to the east coast is New York City. Considered to be one of the greatest hubs of commerce and tourism, the big apple often leaves people in shock once they get the chance to see some of the tallest buildings in the world. Combine this with the incredible nightlife found in the city that never sleeps, and you get an experience unlike any other. So why not take a drive and visit some of the local attractions of the east coast?