Three Reasons Custom Packaging Could Help Your Business

There’s no denying that Americans love to drink coffee. As a boon for the food industry at a time when other drinks such as soda and bottled water are in decline, coffee has come roaring back in popularity since a decline in the mid 90s. Forty six percent of American workers say coffee helps them stay productive at work and more than half of Americans older than 18 drink coffee every day.

While coffee is a popular drink of choice, a big reason for its popularity is its packaging and labels. Well known brands are easily recognizable in a store and customers tend to trust products they are familiar with.

Whether it’s coffee, marijuana or cannabis or dog treat packaging, there are many benefits to having professional custom packaging on products. At the end of the day, if a customer recognizes a company’s product, they’re more likely to trust it and ultimately that means profits for that company. Here are three reasons why custom packaging and bag labels could help your business:

  • Easy Creation: Many professional label and sticker companies make it very easy to create a custom product label for a company. The process of making this happen starts by uploading a product name and company logo. From there, bag labels can be customized to whatever size, shape or color a company is looking for.
  • Fitting The Product: Customized bag labels can be designed and customized in a way that fits a company’s products perfectly. Labels come in all shapes and sizes to fit a company’s packaging whether it’s looking for bag labels, box labels or even bottle labels. Customized them allows a company to easily create different labels for different categories of products. Pet treats, for example, come in all shapes and sizes and custom packaging can easy work for dog treat packaging whether you’re wrapping milk bones, deer antlers or soft treats.

    Dog treat packaging for example can be separated into hard and soft treats with two different colors differentiating the two. Coffee bag labels can be differentiated by colors for different blends and cannabis bags can have custom bag labels for different strains of marijuana.
  • Professional look: Packaging can say everything about a product. Eighty five percent of shoppers said their purchase decisions are informed by reading a product package while shopping. Additionally, a 2016 study by West Rock Consumer Insights revealed that 66 percent of customers have tried a new product because the packaging caught their eye.

    What does that mean for a business? It means that creative custom packaging can go a long way in catching someone’s attention. The West Rock study also found that 26 percent of people said the packaging of a product is extremely important to their overall satisfaction. There’s a reason customers trust well-established companies and it has a lot to do with the familiarity of their product labels. Professional bag labels that list a product’s name and ingredients can tell customers everything they need to know if they pick up your product.

    Professional bag labels, bottle labels or box labels can also give a company the chance to establish their own iconic logo that customers will instantly recognize the next time they walk into a store.

Need further proof that labels work? In 2017 more than $69 billion was spent on pets in the United States and according to a 2017 Pew Research Survey, six in 10 Americans believe marijuana should be legalized. As both industries continue to grow, custom labels could go a long way as businesses that pay close attention to packaging have reported a 30 percent increase in consumer interest. People love their pets and catchy dog treat packaging could easily catch a dog owner’s eye if they’re looking for something new to bring home to their pooch.