Conceptual photography ideas

Photography, like riding a bike or ice skating, is an acquired skill. That is, the more you do it, the better you are at achieving desired results and becoming a professional photographer. And just like you found tips and pointers useful as a child learning how to throw a ball, tips when learning photography are of great importance.

In 2012, the average American without any photography background took an average of 322 digital photographs. The majority of these were not taken by a professional photographer and would not pass as acceptable. Common mistakes even famous product photographers make are pretty easy to address.

Top Rookie Photograph Mistakes

-The initial, most important component to a good photograph and composition is the presence of a subject. If your photograph does not have an established, clear subject, it is not a good photograph, objectively speaking.

-Using a wide angle lens for portraits distorts the composition and makes your subject less focal.

-Mastering a steady hand is something that comes with time as a photographer. Many new photographers find they lack this and subsequently develop shaky, motion-blurred photos.

-Not taking the time and effort to compose photos properly will always make for a poor photograph. Composition is an art , not a science. Digital photographs and traditional development easily address this with cropping, but that does not mean you should not pay attention to this when taking the initial photograph.

-Over-editing photos to the extent that they look really bad. You should truly only edit to enhance the composition, draw attention to the subject or subjects and/or add the right feel for that particular photo.

-Taking landscape photos out of context by photographing the subject from too small of a distance also is common rookie mistake. This takes the architecture out of its environment and the relation it shares with other buildings.

-Adding watermarks to personalize your photography is distracting, ugly, and useless. No one is going to steal your photograph, especially considering all the other options available, particularly from famous veteran photographers.

-Not using light properly is something you, even as a rookie photographer, is a subject on which you should not have to be briefed. Just remember to manipulate the light to capture your subject or product in the most attractive possible way.

-Finally, the most common, easiest problem rookie photographer mistakes includes giving up to early at a given shoot or scene. Boredom is your enemy when photographing, so thoroughly explore a photo site, get the right shots and practice the techniques you have studied.

There were an estimated 3.5 trillion photos in existence worldwide in 2011, the majority of which were captured not employing any of the above techniques. So armed with this knowledge, weather you plan to be a commercial photographer in product advertising, corporate photographer or want to be the famous photographer in world, you already have an edge on the competition as a professional photographer. Find more on this here.