Folks love going to outdoor film festivals and other big events. Whether it’s artisanal films, a county fair, a concert, or whatever else, a big event can get the crowd going and can also help bring the community together. If you’re looking to set up a festival or another event, however, it’s important to first do your homework and to make sure that you have everything you’ll need. One of the first things you need to do is find a good portal potty rental company. You can start by looking for a provider of a porta potty rental in Elkhart, Indiana.

Can you host an event without setting up portal potties? First, local authorities often require that event hosts provide access to adequate toilets and other basic facilities. With film festivals outside, you’ll likely be required to set up toilet facilities, which often means using portable toilets.

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Even with smaller events, say an outdoor wedding, it’s still wise to rent porta potties to ensure guest comfort. Additionally, the right toilet facilities will help keep communities clean, which should be a focus for event hosts.

What else do you need for an outdoor film festival? Customers will need access to food and drinks, comfortable seating, ATMs, and shade.