Life can be full of responsibilities, stress, and long to do lists that sometimes seem to get longer even as you check things off of them. Work can feel overwhelming, as can projects and duties at home. These days, it can be far too easy to let life feel like an exhausting burden. But on those busiest days, it is the most important to remember that life is actually beautiful and an absolute blessing. On those days, it is extremely worthwhile to let your hair down and have fun.

Playing dress up is not just for kids

Among the favorite holidays for both kids and adults to celebrate is Halloween. There is the delicious draw of tasty treats, and the overall atmosphere of the joy and intrigue of celebrating a different way than many other holidays. For Halloween, it is not so much about exchanging gifts or sitting down to a family dinner. The traditions that come along with the sometimes spooky holiday would likely be considered odd on any other day, but Halloween is the day that everyone gets the chance to let loose and get weird.

It is a chance for children to dress up as something or someone that they love. In fact around 3.76 million American kids don Halloween outfits that turn them into their favorite superheroes. But it is also a chance for adults to play someone or something else too, which can be a welcome relief if life has been feeling a bit too serious, busy, and overbearing. Halloween costumes range greatly in variety, but every year there are around 5.8 million adults across the country who dress up as a witch, a pretty typical character to find just about anywhere on the weird and wonderful holiday.

The continuation of a long tradition

More than 2,000 years ago, Celtic people were celebrating an ancient pagan festival called Samhain. Over time this festival morphed into the celebrations and traditions we see today. When immigrants came to the United States from Scotland and Ireland in the 1800s, they brought Halloween with them. And today it is one of the most well loved and celebrated holidays each year. The candy is always a great enticement, but much of the excitement comes from dressing up. Every year there are traditional as well as brand new Halloween costume ideas, and many people take it upon themselves as something of a challenge to show just how creative they can be.

The prevalence of brick and mortar costume shops, especially around the holiday, as well as online Halloween stores, speaks volumes about the preferences and interests of people willing to don a costume. There are endless websites and posts dedicated to party costume ideas, and some people are so about the concept of dressing up that it does not even have to be Halloween for there to be costumes in play. Just about any event can have a theme that calls for guests to dress up, whether everyone is dressing up as the same types of characters, or they are simply asked to come as something that they normally would not be in their daily lives. Having guests come in costumes for parties can really liven up the event, and immediately put people at ease and ready to have a good time.

If you are hoping to invite several different people from different areas of your life, your guests are likely not all going to know each other. By requesting guests wear costumes for parties, the hosts are already setting the tone for a fun and relaxed event. Seeing the diversity in the costumes for parties helps people relax, encourages guests to approach each other, and quite simply starts and stimulates the conversation amongst those who might night feel comfortable or free to approach one another in a different type of setting.

Life should by all means be enjoyed. Whether you are gearing up for a fun Halloween or you are trying to decide on a theme for guests to create their own costumes for parties throughout the year, playing dress up at any age definitely adds to the enjoyment.