Marketing videos

Everyone is watching videos online.

That’s only a slight exaggeration — 78% of people watch content on Internet video giant YouTube at least once a week, and 55% of those watch every day. Our culture is without a doubt becoming integrated with web video — but did you know that you can also use digital video productions to advertise your company?

Here are the four main advantages of adding digital video production to your company’s marketing strategy:

1. It’s virtually guaranteed to reach your targeted audience: With online video advertising, your company can increase its online visibility with potential customers. Video SEO optimization is becoming an increasingly popular way to make sure your videos are more prominent in search engine results.

2. It gives you a leg up on your competition: Did you know that about 81% of senior marketing executives have begun to use video marketing and web video production as part of their advertising campaigns? By taking advantage of digital video production advertising, your company can make itself more visible on the web than your competitors.

3. It allows for interaction: Online digital video production and advertising has revolutionized the way companies advertise to potential customers by allowing unprecedented potential for interactivity and communication between business and consumer. Video advertisements allow for Internet users to comment on your videos, and generate attention relevant to what your company offers.

4. It leads to purchases: Unlike TV ads, online marketing videos allow users to make a purchase as fast as they can click a mouse. 34% of clothing shoppers said they are more likely to purchase after viewing an online video ad, versus 16 percent after watching an ad on TV. In addition, online shoppers who watched advertising videos before shopping said they were 174% more likely to make a purchase than those who didn’t.

Over the next 5 years, digital video production in advertising is projected to make up one third of all advertising spending in the world. It’s clear that digital video production for online video marketing is a rapidly-growing area of advertising that can revolutionize the way your company does business. Take advantage of all its benefits and find the right video production services for your company today! References: