The holidays are right around the corner. Got your gift ideas for the kids handy?

Whether you want to get a gaggle of stocking stuffers for your niece and nephew or are thinking of getting something unique for your daughter, one thing is for sure…you want to make sure they have a gift that’s fun and healthy. Children today aren’t getting nearly enough exercise or mental stimulation, thanks in no small part to the Internet. When they’re not glued to their phones they’re slouched in front of the television or clinging to their computer. While there’s nothing wrong with technology — indeed, it’s one of today’s marvels! — it can certainly backfire without moderation.

300 piece puzzles might just be a way to kill two birds with one stone…and all without seeming like a scrooge!

The History Of The Puzzle Set

Puzzles are mundane enough as to seem entirely ordinary. That attitude is certainly not without reason! The oldest known puzzle, according to historians, was a dissection of a square mentioned by Archimedes back in 250 B.C.. Over time it would see many forms, ranging from instructional materials to fun toys for children. Today you can find 300 piece puzzles at your average gift shop and souvenir shop. They act as fantastic gift ideas, small enough to fit in a stocking and big enough to cover the entire coffee table.

Popularity Of Puzzles With People Today

Why do so many people love puzzles today? The answer is as varied as the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles you can find on the shelf. A puzzle is a great way to unwind after a busy day, just involving enough to require your attention, but calming enough to de-stress. Others enjoy putting the finished piece on the wall as a way to show off their patience and sharp eye. Whatever reason you might have for looking into 300 piece puzzles, rest easy knowing you’ve got quite a lot of benefits coming your way.

Health Benefits Of Mental Stimulation

Here’s something you and your children will enjoy…the health benefits that come with moderately difficult puzzles. Interesting studies on the side-effects of regular interaction with puzzles shows these activities activate our brains while relaxing us, putting us in a meditative state. The neurotransmitter that’s responsible for dopamine — also known as the ‘feel good’ chemical — is also produced while playing with puzzles. Last, but not least, movement is responsible for getting the brain going. This creates a hands-on learning experience that’s as fun as it is calming.

Easy Puzzles To Difficult Puzzles

There are plenty of fun and varied puzzles to choose from. You have difficult puzzles that come in 2000 piece puzzle sets, right alongside easy puzzles for children. If you have any kids in the family that are under 10 years old, you’ve also got more incentive to shake up this year’s gift giving extravaganza. The brain makes its most connections among its cells before your child turns 10, making this a prime time to sneak in some gentle challenges. Get extra creative with the subject matter and style of the puzzles and you won’t have to worry about a thing this winter.

Great Gift Ideas For The Holidays

Now for an overview. Puzzles are unique in that they hit a wonderful middleground between relaxing and involving, allowing the brain the stimulation it needs without going overboard. They can be great learning tools for children and anxiety reducing tools for adults. 300 puzzle pieces is a nice standard that can pair wonderfully with other gifts or stand on their own. You can provide Disney princess puzzles, wildlife puzzles, or fantasy puzzles to fit the personality of the person you want to cheer up this season.

Can one package truly have it all? 300 piece puzzles certainly seem to think so!