When many romantic getaways come to mind they do not typically include Amish country. Instead, most luxury vacations to beaches and islands with tropical paradise right outside of your window. Did you know that in order to have a romantic vacation you actually do not need to even travel outside of the United States? In fact, Amish country could be just the thing that you and your love need to put that spark back into your marriage. After all, isn’t the reason that most (seven out of ten in fact) couples take vacations and travel together to spend alone time and fall back in love with the partner you married? Here are some romantic destinations that you can escape to without ever breaking the bank. With so many options of things to do on vacation you might just be running to book your first trip tomorrow just to get away and enjoy yourselves.

Here are a few things to do on vacation in Berlin, Ohio.

Amish country cabins

When some people hear the word Amish they automatically think a different lifestyle unlike their own. When in fact, Amish cabins are absolutely breath taking and they alone are worth every penny. With these rustic tree house lodging cabins that were mostly built by hand you won’t regret taking a moment out of your morning to step outside and take in the scenery and the beauty that mother nature has laid at your door for you to enjoy and get to know. These romantic cabins lend themselves to the beauty and culture of the area and create a place that you may just never want to leave. Remember this the next time you find yourself looking for things to do on vacation.

The general stores

Within Amish country there are several Amish stores that sell the goods that those who live there need to get by. The secret to these items are that most of them are completely natural and in fact they are items that you may not be able to find in your home supermarkets. While you’re staying in these beautiful cabins it might just be beneficial for you to stop at one of these general stores as well and take your time taking in the difference from what you’re used to and what this other culture believes in. You never know, these might just be memories that you and your sweetie want to revisit once a year.

Family farms and Deli’s

Within Amish country there are several small businesses that anyone would benefit from visiting. With homemade cheese and other grains there are items that your local markets won’t carry and memories that will remind you to stop and taken in the simple things about life in every moment of your busy day.

The next time you and your loved one are looking for things to do on vacation remember that the Amish country cabin rentals could be that sweet quiet escape that remind you of how to communicate well and how to enjoy the little things that life has to offer you. These types of vacations aren’t only great get always but they are a means of leaning how to better communicate and how to spend time with one another one on one without the pressures of work, children, or the outside world knocking and asking to be taken care of as well.

While you have the time and the ability to spend a little bit of free time together don’t forget to do so. The quiet and peace could be the most beneficial time you could spend together. Who knows, if you’re one of the not married individuals maybe a trip here will soon turn you into the estimated 1.4 million United States citizens who travel for their honeymoon and these places to stay in Amish country Berlin, Ohio will come across your list as somewhere that you need to visit and frequent.