To the laid back coffee drinker, the one who has a quick cup in the morning but doesn’t really need that extra morning cup of joe, labels might not mean much. If you’re stopping at the gas station and grabbing a foam cup, why would they?

However, the U.S. is filled with self-proclaimed coffee connoisseurs. These are the people who will openly admit that coffee is their life-blood. There is also an abundance of kitchens out there boasting their own coffee corners complete with wall hangings and decorative mugs. Do you know what could make these little shrines for coffee look even more appealing?

If you thought to yourself “a beautiful coffee packaging design”, you’d be exactly right! After all, these are the coffee consumers who go to the grocery store or coffee shop looking for something exciting. What better way for your product to shout “pick me!” than well-designed custom packaging? You could even catch the attention of a less enthusiastic coffee drinker who might decide to open themselves up to something new because the package looks so lovely!

Not convinced? What if we informed you that 85% of shoppers stated that their purchase choices were influenced by reading product packages while shopping? Not to mention the fact that businesses who take care in their packaging have reported a 30% increase in the interest of consumers.

The truth is that packaging and bag labels matter. With so many options sitting on a grocery store shelf, you want a design that will grab a consumer’s eye. This is true for all products, not just coffee bag labels. We live in a visually driven world where books are often read by their cover. So if you have a wonderful book (product), why not make sure the cover shows it?

The good news is that it’s not only possible but easy to have custom coffee bag labels created with Roastar. And not just labels! You can have custom bags made as well! Whether you have your own design or need help from one of our talented designers, we can create a beautiful display for your coffee products.