Are You Renting a Photo Booth for Your Graduation Party?

The plans for Senior Night are in place. With six senior gymnasts on the women’s team this year, the planning has been more extensive than it has been in the past. With previous classes of only one, two, or three in the last few years, it should come as no surprise that this year’s senior celebration will be epic. The decorations for the locker room have been put in place, the special poster featuring the graduates is ready, and the graduation party at the end of the year is already scheduled.

As an added bonus, however, one of the parents of the graduates has written to say that he recently purchases a photo booth kiosk for sale at a local auction. With plenty of paper and chemicals included, he is certain that this will make for a great addition to the senior party. The gymnasts, like any college athletes, have spent a long four years practicing, competing, and recovering from injuries.
Owning a Photo Booth Rental Business Is a Profitable Adventure
Americans are obsessed with photos. From the selfies they take to post on social media to the thousands of images that we have stored on our phones and laptops, however, there are many of these photos that are not printed. Perhaps because of this, there is a growing business to be made from purchasing a photo booth kiosk for sale. Taking photo booth machines to graduation parties, wedding receptions, and other group events, in fact, allows you to make money nearly every weekend of the month. By scheduling events in the future, for instance, you can literally know the amount of money that you will make, as well as the amount of time it will take for drop off and pick up. Tasked with replenishing chemicals and maintaining equipment, you can often make a decent side income providing people trendy prints from some of their favorite events.

If you have a phone or a laptop that are literally filling up every bit of available space then you likely will not be surprised with the latest statistic about how many photos consumers take in a day. When taken in total, the number of photographs captured every two minutes today is same as the number of all the photographs taken by the entirety of mankind in 1800s. People share 730 billion photos a year on Facebook and nearly 22 billion a year on Instagram, according to data from Benedict Evans. Few of these photos, however, are ever printed. Perhaps this is why so many people are excited about a photo booth at a party, and are ready to stand in line for a turn to get a strip of photos for themselves! If you want to have an additional source of income, you might want to consider purchasing a photo booth kiosk for sale and starting your own business.