In this video, you will find out everything about grand pianos. Furthermore, you will learn the differences between different grand pianos.
Only one company is a household name all across the world when it comes to high-end pianos. The Kleenex brand is to tissues what Steinway is to pianos.

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They’re nearly interchangeable.
There’s a solid reason for this: according to Steinway data, over 98 percent of concert pianists choose to play on their pianos. But why is that? Are pianists selecting Steinway because it is a better instrument or because they are familiar with the brand?
This distinction accounts for the variance in sound between both the two brands. Steinways are built in the English tradition, whilst Bosendorfers are built in the Austrian tradition. As a result, the construction and sound are altered.
Steinway is well-known for producing a warm, singing tone. String tension on Steinway pianos is lower than on other pianos. As a result, the assault is lighter, the tone is mellower, and the dynamic range is expanded.
All of this is due to the low string tension. In contrast to string tension, Steinway makes use of high-quality wood and their characteristic resonant soundboards.
The Steinway features more audible overtones and harmonics due to its ‘warmer’ quality. This produces a very velvety sound.
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