In this article and video, you will see how to make custom shirts using heat transfers. This process is extremely easy and just requires a few supplies that won’t make you blow a fortune. This is a super fun process that can be used for events or to start selling online.

Heat Transfer

The heat transfer process begins with using a printer and inserting the special paper into your printer. The next thing you need to do is find or create the certain image that you want to be printed onto your custom shirt in the final process.

Video Source

An important step is before printing, make sure you mirror the image. If you do not mirror the image, it will look weird to those who see you when wearing the shirt and the design will look backward.

Step Two

With your image printed on the paper, make sure to cut off any excess space on the paper.

Step Three

Using your heat-press, you want to set your temperature to 375 degrees and then align the image facing down onto your shirt and then press down on your heating press for about 30 seconds.

Once you are done pressing down, you will now have your custom shirt with your special design on it!