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Although many younger Americans now receive their first introduction to the world of ballroom dancing — salsa, mambo, foxtrot, waltz, and swing — from popular television programs, ballroom dancing has been popular for over a century. Dancing on a regular basis, according to recent studies, can assist in relaxation, contribute to weight loss, and promote heart health. Ballroom dancing lessons also remain popular among couples who want to be prepared for their first wedding dance.

There are also many ballroom dance classes for kids; parents should make sure that younger
dancers stay hydrated and do not become overheated. Teachers should schedule breaks for children under the age of 12 every half hour to avoid strained muscles and leg cramps. Teens who learn the art of ballroom dancing may find that they have more confidence and agility. An increasing number of high school sports coaches require students to take ballroom dancing lessons, reasoning that dance increases athletes’ balance and coordination.

Older adults who want to learn how to dance may want to look for local ballroom dance lessons. Class leaders can often accommodate participants in wheelchairs or with balance and mobility issues, and learning new skills can help people of any age feel happier and at ease. A group dance class may be the perfect first step for a beginning dancer: as skill levels increase, talented and committed dancers may choose to contract for individual ballroom dance instruction.

So much of modern life involves finding activities that are exciting and fun: ballroom dance lessons are considered an aerobic activity and can often assist participants in attaining their weight loss goals. Local instructors can help new participants in choosing exercise equipment like dancing shoes, and taking a class with fellow beginners can be extremely motivating for new dance enthusiasts.

Ballroom dance lessons are best begun six months to a year before a major event like a wedding. It takes time, instructors say, to develop coordination, and people who plan to dance the waltz at their wedding may need a bit longer to rehearse than they initially planned. During the wedding festivities the dancers may be nervous, so perfecting the routine under the watchful eye of a seasoned ballroom dance instructor — well in advance of the wedding ceremony — may be the key to a successful wedding ballroom dance routine.