Forge is an online service that lets you set up your own Minecraft server. This video explains everything you need to know about Minecraft forge server hosting.
Minecraft has become a top-rated game.

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The game allows players to build their worlds using blocks and other objects. Players can also play together on a single server or create their servers and share them with friends and family. Forge provides full access to the block structure of Minecraft. You can manage your server from anywhere and completely control your server settings.
First, you need to download Forge on your computer. After downloading it, a zip file appears for the version of Forge you downloaded. Open the zip file folder to install Forge. If prompted, select the option to allow Forge to change your system settings or to customize the installation process. Forge uses a lot of memory to run correctly, so if you notice your system running slow because of low ram, increase the amount of ram provided to your operating system. Now that Forge is ready, configure the server according to your preferences. After configuring Forge, it’s time to join your server using the available settings. Save the file, and now you’re ready to play.