Mirrors are fascinating objects that help us with our day-to-day lives. This video highlights how a mirror works and the different types of mirrors.

What Is a Mirror and How Does It Work?

A mirror is made of a glass surface with a coating of a thin, smooth film of metal behind it. When light hits the surface, it passes through the glass onto the metal film, which then reflects all the colors of the object that is in front of it.

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The smoothness of the film enables the light to be reflected directly, instead of going in all directions.

Types of Mirrors

  1. Plane mirrors
  2. These are flat mirrors used in the bedroom and bathroom.

  3. Convex mirrors
  4. These bulge outwards, so the projected image appears smaller. These are used as rear-view mirrors in vehicles.

  5. Concave mirrors
  6. These curve inwards so the image appears magnified. These are used by dentists and for shaving.

Mirrors reflect light between 495nm – 570nm, thus making it appear green. Without mirrors, salons and beauty providers would suffer. Driving a vehicle would become extremely risky. Without mirrors, simple tasks would become complicated or almost impossible.