Hollywood news

It is estimated that about 3 billion dollars are generated by the combined celebrity gossip industry per year. This is a whole lot of cash coming from just selling and relying on trending celebrity gossips. However, it’s a collection of several industries that makes everything urban buzz. It’s actually impossible to separate industries such as art, movie, and music, and for a long time now we’ve seen celebrities jumping and juggling across this two industry. From the famous Hollywood to the strongest(dopest) music record labels out there, you can’t even start to fathom impacts of these two major industries on people.

The question on who rules entertainment industry remain unanswered for the longest time now with both industries contributing immensely to what people hear and see. Celebrities have a unique way of capturing people’s attention and creating a fun in them and without reservation, individuals become big supporters and follower of their content.

However, with all the buzz the entertainment industry is bringing, there are more to it than what meets the eye. The Urban news is normally associated with the black society and it’s safe to say they are probably right. How many black artist do you know, from musicians, actors, actress to stand-up comedians? They are many, and this is not to ignore the contribution of the white folks in this game, but the black entertainment news is a force to reckon with.

For the true and die-hard fans, celebrity gossip is what drives them to most urban news websites and magazine, and despite the existence of other interesting and informative news out there, people have a tendency of feeding on gossip more.

Entertainment magazine and websites have a lot to offer than just celebrity gossips. This is a platform that can also be used to inspire, teach and correct. Different audiences will want different news, the elderly consumes different content from the youngsters. So, there should be a balance on what urban news oriented platforms offer to people.

Otherwise, salute to the urban news centers, current news is been disseminated at a lighting speed, with almost everyone turning to be a news reporter and photography. Those in the limelight find it hard living a secret life as they as prone to stalker and paparazzi. You can barely hide anything from the public these days, or the next thing you’ll see is your face on some magazine or website somewhere. That’s just how urban news spread.