Art consulting firms

Are you a dedicated artist that is looking to expand your art career possibilities? Although it can be difficult to create a full time career based on art alone, it is possible. If you have the right amount of marketing skills, networking abilities, and insight into the art consultant business, you can turn your love of art into a paying career. Consider these alternative art careers in the industry.

Seek out art consultants looking for artists
One of the best ways to get noticed as an artist is to work with an art consulting business. Art consulting firms are art consultants looking for artists. They generally have a good database of paying customers who are looking for unique art designs. The art consultants looking for artists act as a connection between the aspiring artist and the paying client. Even if your art consultant does not currently have any paying customers, they are a great connection to network with.

Teach art classes
There are a good number of people in the world that wish they had creative skills. Creating art can be extremely relaxing and stress relieving. Teaching others in the form of art classes can produce an income, while also getting your name and your skill out there. These lessons can be especially beneficial in a hospital or Veteran clinic setting. Arts and Health Alliance did a survey of 129 Veterans medical centers in 2013. More than half of them offered art programming at patients? bedside and more than 40% have rotating art exhibitions, permanent art collections, commissioned paintings, or sculptures.

Submit work to a free art gallery
It may seem pointless to give away your art work for free. However, until people get to know you as an artist and get to know your artwork, they are not going to pay much. You are gaining exposure by placing your art work in a gallery. Thousands of people frequent art galleries for a variety of reasons. Participants self reported their stress levels entering a gallery and then spent 35 minutes exploring the space in any way they wanted. Upon exiting, they expressed being less stressed. Furthermore, they also had lower concentrations of cortisol, commonly known as the stress hormone.

Because art galleries provide customers with stress reducing opportunities, they are more likely to frequently visit these art warehouses. This means greater exposure to your artwork and an increase in awareness. You might even gain a couple of customers if your artwork specifically speaks to them and contributes to their stress reduction.

Sell your artwork to local businesses
Local businesses often decorate their offices with artwork. They may choose local artists because of the cost savings. This artwork also tends to have stress reducing benefits in the working office. Art in the workplace helps businesses address key challenges such as reducing stress (78% agree), increasing creativity (64% agree), and encouraging expression of opinions (77% agree). If you work for art consultants looking for artists, you will find that a lot of your clients are business owners. You can increase your networking efforts and find your own business clients to purchase your artwork. They could end up being a regular customer as they change out the artwork every couple of years or as they grow their business and need even more furnishings.

Art can be very relaxing, whether or not you have creative capabilities. Artists that do have skill can turn their relaxing hobby into a career that pays well. In order to find good payment, an artist needs to work hard at finding unique customers. You can increase your art customer base by working with fine art consultants looking for artists, teaching local art classes, hanging your artwork in studios for free, and connecting with local small businesses to furnish their new offices. A little hard work and planning and you too, can be a successfully paid art professional.