Native american arts and crafts

While you may be familiar with a lot of the most popular art in Western culture, stemming largely from the European tradition. But there are also plenty of Native American arts and crafts that are worth discovering.

In Native American cultures, art has been a prominent vehicle for storytelling for thousands of years. When It comes to Native American crafts, there are a wealth of materials to explore. Detail-oriented bead design is a central part of the creation of clothing, purses, dream catches, and even blankets. Hand-made with many different kinds of material, colors, and patterns, blankets and the weaving process by which they are made is very common among Native American cultures.

Pottery serves both practical and aesthetic purposes, and instruments for music-making are constructed out of animal skins, beads, and wood. You may also find buffalo skulls and Native American weapons among the art objects worth perusing.

When looking at these arts and crafts, you may want to do so with the help of a historian or someone who specializes in a knowledge of these kinds of objects. If you have questions, comments, suggestions about buffalo skulls or other Native America art pieces, be sure to share your thoughts in the section below.