Many options are available for photo binding and scrapbook, often the activities that help to collect personal and family memories. There are many different binder options that may help to collect the pages of those memories, whether they are photos alone or other scraps to withhold all those moments that you hope to save. Some of these are as simple as the 3-ring binder pages used in school to archival photo binders, custom cut mats, and many more. Visit

The Paper Used in Binder Options

Various paper options exist when it comes to collect family photos and other memories, especially when first creating those binders that are intended to long-hold those items. One thing to consider is how long the paper itself will last. This can be determined by the acid content of the paper, where an acid-free paper has the potential to last as long as 200 years if it undergoes normal use and storage.

After Paper, Quality Storage is Important

The environment in which you store these binders is important as well. One key factor is the relative humidity of the location where these items are kept. There are limits to both the minimum and maximum humidity that can place paper at risk. Research shows these limits to be roughly between 15% and 65% to avoid brittleness and also to prevent mold growth or insect activity. This could be a tough standard to confirm, as a goal to have long-lasting photo binders means that they will move from home to home, pass on from one family member to another, and may end up in basements or attics at certain points. This likely means that you should likely not set overwhelming expectations for these books as you start to create them.

Many Different Binder Options

Even more than the books that you will bind your photos and other items in, there are storage options that can help to maintain a quality area for your binders. Some of these include the option of creating a custom binder or book from the beginning and then storing it as well. Others are the basic archival storage options that may simply offer a safe place to keep those photos and other items that you hope to pass on to the next generation. Some of these different options for both types of collection include the following:

  • Acid-free photo envelopes
  • Onyx portfolio boxes
  • Archival drop front storage
  • Hinged drop front panels

These binder options, among many more, are able to help with the quality storage of your photos and other items. With all of this combined, choosing the option that is best suited to your items as well as storage that will offer the best atmosphere are beneficial. It is important to make sure that proper humidity is kept, as well as keeping these binders inside a location with a lower temperature in order to help items last longer as well. Therefore, in addition to the binders and boxes used, the actual storage locations are just as important to help keep photos and other items intact.