Although many people now live in cities and other urban centers, farms are still critical for today’s agriculture. What is more, some farms are in fact very pleasant to visit, and have a classic rural look with their farm house, the barn and silo, and of course, the apple farms and apple hills. Besides the fruit orchards, these farms have pumpkin patches, fields of wheat, and more. Sometimes, these farms open themselves to fall activities, and fall fun may be had for hours when families visit these farms. Hours can be spent taking hay rides, touring the premises, picking apples

from the orchards (with supervision), and picking pumpkins in autumn. After a few hours of fun at the farm, families may take their fresh produce home, and bake them into all sorts of desserts there. On top of that, a farm’s hours of operation may be a fine time for a rustic outdoor destination wedding, and this is a popular option among today’s brides and grooms.

On Apples

Apples are one of the most popular and common fruits around the world, and globally, around 7,500 varieties of them may be found, and the United States alone has 2,500 of those varieties. These distinctive red and green fruits can be eaten as they are, but they are also popular for baking into all sorts of snacks ranging from apple fritters to applesauce and apple pies. A staple among American and Canadian families, apple pies are a favorite for autumn and winter holidays, and surveys have been done to confirm this. In particular, Crisco and the American Pie Council conducted a survey and confirmed that pie was the most popular dessert for Americans to bring to a family meal during holidays. What is more, similar surveys found that apple is the single most popular flavor for pies today, and 47% of respondents cited apple as a favorite flavor of theirs. Meanwhile, pumpkin ranked second at 37%, and chocolate cream third at 32% (a person could cite more than one flavor).

These apples can be picked at apple farms by the farmers themselves for the most part, but guests may do this too. When a farm is open for a festival or similar autumn activities, kids can visit the orchards, climb ladders, and pick their own apples as long as adults are supervising them. This can be fun during festival hours, and the parents may appreciate the fresh and authentic ingredients that their kids provided. Parents can make apples into pies, or they may make apple donuts or apple fritters, too, not to mention the staple of applesauce. Plenty will be needed, since two pounds of apples are needed for just one nine-inch pie to be baked. But a good apple orchard should have plenty of ripe apples available. IbetNetwork: betway sports article. This is a time-honored act, and there are even late 19th century realism paintings dedicated to showing apple pickers at work. In old times, women and girls on the farm even used the hems of their dresses to make wide sacks that could hold the apples. Today, regular baskets and other containers are used rather than someone’s clothing.


These large vegetables are native to North America but have spread throughout the world since the Age of Discovery, and these distinctive orange plants are popular as both food and decoration. Pumpkin pie is a North American classic, and pumpkin seeds may be baked and salted as a low-calorie snack. What is more, pumpkins are a classic decoration for Halloween, most notable for being carved into jack o lanterns. Or, whole pumpkins may be used, since they still look attractive and won’t get mold the way jack o lanterns do.

Rustic Weddings

A farm may also serve as a ready-made, pre-fabricated site for a rustic wedding. Many modern brides and grooms are choosing to eschew traditional ballroom weddings in favor of thematic (and often outdoor) destination weddings, from Alaska’s wilderness to a farm to even underwater. With a farm owner’s permission, a wedding party may borrow a farm for it venue, including ceremonies, meals, or dances in the cleaned-out barn. Baskets of fruits and vegetables such as apples and gourds serve not only as decoration and guest gifts, but they’re edible, too. Check read this comprehensive article.