Motorized longboard for sale

Across the globe, nearly 11 million people have reported that they enjoy skateboarding on a regular and consistent basis. Over the past forty years, skateboarding has managed to absolutely rise in terms of popularity amongst both Americans and the rest of the globe. Skateboarding finds its origins in California on the West Coast of the United States but has now managed to spread across the world!

Nearly twenty years ago people viewed skateboarding as an alternative sport of sorts and there are certainly some people who still definitely think this way. However, there are now large competitive events that are held on a global scale that highlight these types of sports. Here are all of the facts on how to buy the right kind of skateboard for the right type of skater.

First and foremost it is essential that you understand just who you are buying this skateboard for. A core skater is not going to like the new innovations within the skating industry whereas a casual skater will. These new innovations include a skateboard with electric motor, a new electric skateboard, a motorized skateboard, and an electric skateboard.

To people who do not skateboard, the difference between a casual skater and a core skater may not seem significant but to skaters, it is an important distinction. A casual skater is defined as someone who skates anywhere between one to twenty-five times within the span of one year. A core skater, on the other hand, is someone who skates 26 times or more within the span of one year.

Another big distinction between casual skaters and core skaters involves where these people shop at to buy their skateboards. People who are more casual skaters will buy their boards from sporting goods stores where only 3% of all skateboarding transactions and sales take place. However, the more core skateboarders will prefer to get their boards from shops with small specialty brands rather than the more mainstream top brands.

Nearly half of the entire world skateboarding market is located just within the United States. This is because skateboarding is so specifically popular just within the United States as opposed to the entire world. Now, that does not mean that it is not a popular activity across the globe because it is slowly dominating the globe.

Across the nation, there are over 500 parks where people are skateboarding and hanging out with friends. A lot of these skateboarding parks are located in the more downtown and metropolitan areas as opposed to rural areas. This just goes to show how this type of activity is on the rise in American communities both big and small.

Out of all the skaters in the United States, just about 77% are specifically male skaters. However, out of all core skaters, nearly 84% of them are male as opposed to female. On the other hand, just about 24% of all skaters are female while almost 17% of all core skaters are female.

In Conclusion

There is no question that skateboarding has managed to grow at an overwhelming rate since the creation of the sport. The future for skateboarding is absolutely bright as more and more cultures become accepting of it as a sort of mainstream and popular sport. Once these cultures fully embrace skateboarding there is no question that it will grow to dominate the world of sports.