Powered skateboard

In the late 70’s, skateboarding was first born on the West Coast in California. This activity has managed to grow into a sport but this process took quite some time. however, it is safe to say that now skateboarding is not just incredibly popular but is more recognized as a sport than ever before.

Right now across the United States, there are just about 11 million people that have stated that they enjoy skateboarding on a consistent basis. This sort of statistics proves just how popular skateboards have managed to become incredibly popular. Plus, there are now even events like the X Games that are designed to highlight sports like skateboarding and snowboarding that are not as mainstream as other sports.

According to a recent study, over 75% of all skateboards stated that they prefer to shop with small specialty brands rather than the top brand names that are on the market. Even though this is true, plenty of people now shop at more mainstream shops because of new creations like the electric longboard, the electric skateboard, and the motorized longboard as well.

Buying an electric longboard may have seemed ridiculous twenty years ago but that is not the case anymore. As a matter of fact, it is a very common item for young college people in the United States. They love to use an electric longboard to get around campus in the local area.

Less than 4% of all skateboard sales will take place at sporting good stores. This definitely includes the purchasing of the electric longboard. Some local shops will believe that they are above selling these types of items because they are pure skateboard shops. This is impressive because right now more than 50% of the global skateboarding market is comprised of just the United States.

Another great stat that proves just how popular skateboarding is now is the fact that there are over 500 skateboarding parks across the nation. Someone who is a core skater may not want an electric longboard but that is not the case for everyone because of this a specific group of people. Anyone who is a core skate is someone who skates more than 26 times or more per year.

The opposite of a core skater is called a casual skater and this is someone who will enjoy using an electric longboard. A casual skater is someone that skates anywhere between one to 25 times per year.

In Conclusion

There is no doubt that the electric longboard is a great gift for someone who is a casual skater and not a core skater. People who are core skaters are going to want to use the more traditional items instead of newly developed items that are quite different from the original experience. However, for casual skaters, the electric longboard is a wondrous gift that they will probably use on a daily basis. It is such a simple way to get around a small area like a college campus.