Event tents

Americans face a choice each year between different options for special events such as wedding days. The decor at special events comprises a mix of different factors, including style of decor, the material of the decor, and the amount of funding or money the party event thrower will need to purchase those decor and materials.

Weddings can be expensive, at least in terms of thousands of dollars. Some wedding are as simple as a ceremony in a courthouse with a judge and a notary. Other weddings can get as high as in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, which is certainly too high priced for many brides and grooms.

Wedding ceremonies often celebrate the love of the bride and groom, complete with the sharing of vows, readings from the book of Corinthians, and more elements that serve to make a wedding more hospitable and even something the audience will think about recalling from time to time.

Wedding ceremonies often require the audience and the bride and the groom to be wearing classy and high-priced dress. While the cost of these dresses and suits are generally absorbed by the wedding attendees themselves, the overall cost of the wedding still falls on the bride and groom’s families and how much they are willing to spend.

Weddings can be seen as occasions where people smile and laugh but they can also be seen as occasions where people remorse or think of better days. The people who laugh are most likely the family and friends of the couple who will soon be wed.

Most popular media portray weddings as enjoyable affairs where a bunch of alcohol and fun is thrown around. For those that are going to weddings, that may be a fair point. It is for the guests of a wedding a time to celebrate the lives of the two people who have been wed and to enjoy the presence of great refreshments and delectable food.

Brides may struggle with many of the decisions needed to be vocalized to the wedding planner. Brides can make a wedding feel enjoyable even on a short budget. They have choices to make regarding the color, the centerpiece, the tablecloths, the refreshments, whether to hire a wedding photographer, and the dance hall.

A couple planning a wedding may find that their toughest challenge is the venue or location of the wedding. It has been shown that some venues are booked up to a year in advance, which could put pressure on a couple to find a venue that fits their time frame, or wait a year to get the venue of their choosing.

The venue is a part of the wedding plans that cannot go unnoticed. The venue has the opportunity to be different in terms of the architecture, how much space is allowed, what the room options are, whether the guests will have room to sit, or even the amount of guests that can be invited to the location.

The venue decides the decor in many cases, or what decor will look good with the color scheme of the venue and the amount of room for people and objects that the venue will allow. This determines what kind of wedding it will be.

The venue brings the opportunity for another part of the wedding that is important: the color scheme. The color scheme adds the possibility of creating a great deal of ambiance and atmosphere to a location.

The venue also brings the opportunity to look at another often overlooked part of wedding planning which are the tents. Tent rentals are something the couple needs to look at as part of a wedding, whether the tent rentals are for the reception or for the actual wedding. Tent rentals can be used for a dance floor.

Tent rentals can also be used over food and refreshment tables.

Tent renting, rent a tent, a backyard party tent, or a corporate event tent are all available with some merchandisers and event planning companies.

Some tips include:

  • If a tent is used only three to four times a year, it is better to rent than buy.
  • There are two basic styles of tents: frame tents and pole tents.
  • There are only two types of tent tops: polyester and vinyl.