Chicken brasa miami beach

What to eat and where to eat — a common question that causes much debate among family, friends and couples when they go on vacation. Should you err on the side of caution to keep your wallet in one piece before the weekend wraps up or should you go all-out at the most expensive five-star restaurant? For those that straddle the fence and have no plans on leaving anytime soon, a casual fast restaurant can provide the perfect balance. These are becoming increasingly popular for travelers who want the speed of a fast food restaurant with a higher quality of food that represents the local culture.

Brush up on your foodie knowledge by checking out the five traveling and eating tips below. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds when searching for where to eat?

Did You Know?

How about some fun facts to start you off? Americans are becoming one with the art of vacation time and nowhere is that more stark than how many visit Florida on a daily basis. The Sunshine State is home to incredible weather and lively art cultures, remaining a prime spot for people who are eager for a well-rounded vacation. There are over 995,000 restaurant and food service jobs throughout the state, adding up to nearly 15% employment. Are you a fan of food? Do you love to take photos of your meal and leave lengthy reviews on Yelp? Florida may be your one-stop shop for all things tasty.

Tastes Like Chicken

The world loves chicken. It’s easily one of the most popular meat preferences for its efficiency (less room to house chickens than cows), its iconic flavor and flexibility in a number of dishes. The United States is a notable fan and consumes the highest amounts worldwide. The National Chicken Council saw the country consuming 91 pounds of chicken per capita back in 2016. This is more than any other on the planet! A fun point of debate for many is which part of the chicken tastes best. Many prefer the legs for the sharper taste, while chicken breast can make for a hearty meal in of itself.

Always Stay Healthy

Why not have the best of all worlds? Even on a fun vacation where you’re relaxing and pigging out you can still find ways to eat healthy. Knowing where to eat can be easily narrowed down by searching online with certain keywords. ‘Vegetarian-friendly’, ‘low calorie’ and ‘healthy dining’ are some popular terms that yield smart results for families watching their waistline. Chicken is filled to the brim with essential vitamins and minerals, with a much lower fat count than pork and lighter calories than beef. Throw it over salad or have it fried next to rice. Your heart (and stomach) will thank you!

Try Something New

Where to eat? There’s no reason not to try something new. You’re not going to the same bar and grill you always visit back in your home city. You’re somewhere else, with all the fun (and mystery!) that comes with the title. A great way to stimulate local business while still satisfying your appetite is to look at ‘mom and pop’ stores. These are family-owned, often smaller and can give you unique menu options you won’t find at large chains. A ‘casual fast restaurant’ can also scratch the itch of wanting quick food with a touch more class.

Enjoy Your Vacation To The Fullest

Munching spicy chicken wings on the beach or looking up South Beach catering to top off a busy day…there’s a lot to enjoy when you’re a foodie. Food and drink sales in the restaurant industry, specifically, exceeded $600 billion back in 2014. With vacation time at the forefront of many a working American’s mind and plenty of competition to rise to the challenge, you’ll want for nothing when it’s time to look up plane tickets. Knowing where to eat is a matter of letting your passion take the wheel. Should you try a Latin restaurant for once? Is your family curious about South Beach food?

Whatever you end up choosing, you can at least trust it’ll be delicious.