Limos have long been synonymous with fame and fortune. These stylish cars can be very long. This length is a crucial part of accommodating up to twenty passengers.

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This makes limos a great option for parties and weddings. In this video, you will learn more about these luxurious rides.

The original limos were not the long cars that we are used to today. They were more like a small cab with a driver outside and up to four passengers inside. Technically, a limo only has to be a vehicle that separates the driver from the passengers by a certain distance and a wall or glass. Many modern limos have a sliding glass window that separates the driver from the occupants. There is also normally a phone to talk directly with the driver without having to roll down the window.

Modern limos come with many amenities. For example, they have plenty of space for dancing. Some even have dance floors and colorful lights. Most limos also come with some complimentary beverages. Other limos will even have a television and a gaming console hooked up to it. It is truly an incredible way to travel.