There is something to be said about an excellent wedding and reception. Guests and wedding attendees all had a great time and had a few drinks right? If you’re thinking guests won’t drink, consider that Better Homes and Gardens tells you to assume that guests will drink more when the weather is warm, and this can cause problems if your drinks are alcoholic. With an average of 136 guests per wedding it only makes sense that guests will loose their cups or plates, which is why you should plan to have a minimum of three plates per guest. This is where disposable plastic plates, disposable serveware, fancy plastic cups or elegant plastic cups, and elegant plastic bowls can come in handy. While it may seem better to choose a different material for your wedding serveware, there are a few reasons why choosing plastic is the best option.

Let’s be honest, the price of elegant plastic bowls is going to be much less than if you choose to go with another type of bowl. When you consider the cost of glasses, plates and bowls you’ll quickly see what we mean. Disposable plastic items such as elegant plastic bowls not only save a mess from broken dishes from being cleaned up, but it saves money and time as well. Time is saves from having to clear dishes constantly and wash them nonstop. Saved time means saved money, because let’s consider how much the entire wedding itself is going to cost.

Endless food

Let’s next consider all of the food that offered at a typical wedding reception. By the time dessert rolls around guests are typically usually pretty full of food and drinks for that matter. They typically want to get some dessert because it looks appetizing, but the chances of them actually eating all of the dessert that they get are slim to none. Elegant plastic bowls allows you to portion size desserts and place them on plates for guests to grab, eat then dispose of, without having to worry about keeping up with dishes. This method also allows you to prepare more dessert for your guests, since plastic is cheaper than other materials.


Many people think that just because disposable dinnerware is used, that means that it can’t be as elegant as other choices. Disposable dinnerware has come a long way, and the choices are almost endless. This means that you have almost as many choices when it comes to disposable dinnerware as you do when it comes to washable dinnerware. Choices include all dinnerware accessories including glasses, plates and bowls.

Don’t think that just because you are consider plastic for your wedding dinnerware that guests are going to think you are cheap. Plastic holds many benefits, and guests along with those you hire to cater the wedding will appreciate the ease of being able to just toss a plate when done with it. Consider plastic dinnerware as your first choice when it comes to saving money on your wedding day.