There’s something almost magical about apples.

They conjure up fond memories for so many people and for so many different reasons. A bushel of apples can make several delicious baked apple pies or a barrel of crisp cider. They come in hundreds of different varieties that speak to the unique parts of our taste buds. They are, simply put, one of the most beloved fruits around the world for a reason. When you ask, “When does Apple Hill open?”, you ask for your own means of embracing the art of the apple. For those that have a celebration or a get-together coming up…

Here are five interesting things you should know about apples and the everlasting appeal of Apple Hill Farm.

How Many Varieties Do Apples Come In?

Think you know all there is to know about the world’s most beloved fruit? Let’s put your knowledge to the test. There are over 2,500 varieties of apples grown in the United States alone, with an estimated 7,500 around the world. The Red Delicious is perhaps the most iconic, though Gala and Fuji have proven more popular for their mixture of tart and sweet. Granny Smith is commonly used for pies or Halloween treats, while Golden Delicious is a staple of many a child’s lunchbox.

What Are Today’s Most Popular Desserts?

When does Apple Hill open? That’s the question asked by people who want to taste something delicious and usher in the autumn season proper. While cake and ice cream hold a special place in our hearts, there’s no comfort food quite like pie. A study asked Americans what dessert they would prefer a friend or family member bring them — unsurprisingly, the winner was pie at an impressive 30% of all answers! Apple is the most popular type, followed close behind by pumpkin and chocolate cream.

Do They Grow Other Fruits Or Vegetables At Apple Hill?

Autumn activities wouldn’t be what they are without the pumpkin. Pumpkins have incredible variety — almost as incredible as apples! — and can range from less than a pound to over 1,000 pounds. They’ve grown in North America for over 5,000 years and are associated with feelings of warmth, contentment, and family. Believe it or not, pumpkins are made up of 90% water. They can be turned into unforgettable pies or have their seeds hollowed out for a tasty, healthy snack.

What Activities Can You Do At Apple Hill?

Are you throwing a birthday party for a special someone? Do you wonder how you can make your family get-together more enjoyable? Apple Hill events are a relaxing and fun way to bring the most out of your favorite season. You can go picking apples through the apple orchard tour, filling up your basket with different varieties to take home. You can also try out homemade apple pies or some delicious apple donuts.

When Does Apple Hill Open?

You’re ready to taste some truly decadent caramel apples and have a blast with activities for kids and the whole family. Apple Hill’s pantry farm opens up in September, though autumn in general remains its most popular time of year for families to come in and enjoy themselves. Until just 500 years ago autumn was just referred to as ‘harvest’ or ‘harvest time’. It’s not hard to see where the title comes from — Apple Hill season is just one of many manifestations of this gorgeous and fruitful time of year. Thinking of trying an apple donut?

Apple Hill season will be upon you soon enough!