Criminals often hide in the shadows. They do not want to be discovered by the police. However, when the inevitably do get discovered, it can result in some heart-pumping chases. Some of these chases end with criminals tripping and falling on their faces. Others end with criminals jumping a fence and slipping in a neighbor’s pool.

Video Source

However, in this video, you will see a criminal with some grand escape intentions. Unfortunately, he may have to contact a 24/7 bail bondsmen like the rest of them if he doesn’t have the cash for bail.

The chase takes place just outside of Los Angeles. It is a sunny afternoon. The perfect time for a chase. Officers can see much better and avoid obstacles when chasing the criminal down. The criminal drives away quickly in a stolen vehicle. Unfortunately, he runs out of space quickly when the police blockade the road. Therefore, he thinks quickly and makes a similarly quick turn into a nearby rail yard. This is where the criminal attempts to board a train to make a getaway. However, the train seems to be just a little too high off the ground and a little too fast to board.