Vaults are some of the most whimsical and structurally important parts of architecture, and a groin vault kit can bring a whole new life to your home. A vault is commonly used for a doorway or entrance way, but can also be used for decoration in walkways. To know how to build a vault correctly takes a ton of experience, and countless online guides can get you on the right track.

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In this video, we will take a look into the world of architecture by distinguishing the different types of vaults and where they are used throughout history.

A vault, by definition, is a self-supporting arched form, usually of stone or brick, serving to cover a space with a ceiling or roof. Vaults are all around us, but chances are that you hardly notice them when you see them. they generally run in a horizontal direction, and are simply extruded arches. Barrel vaults are held between two buttresses, while a groin vault is two barrel vaults that intersect at right angles. Ribbed vaults are popular among European architects, and often are covered with beautiful masonry. Finally, a cloister vault is like a dome, but with all the arches meeting at one point. The Duomo in Florence is an excellent example of a cloister vault.