Wedding chairs

Planning outdoor events is always a bit more stressful than planning an event indoors. Of all outdoor events, however, the most pressure-filled is always a wedding. Outdoor weddings are absolutely beautiful. They allow for a level of creativity and natural beauty that is unseen in indoor weddings. Brides and grooms find themselves able to express themselves and impress at the same time. However, outdoor events like weddings always require a space in which people can gather and have a good time. A great compromise is renting a tent. Wedding tents are a great place to have a reception, allowing in natural beauty without sacrificing comfort. There are many benefits to wedding tent rentals that you may not have even thought of!

1. Cost Effectiveness

It should come as no surprise that wedding tents for rent are more cost-effective than buying a tent outright. Although weddings are important outdoor events like any others, they’re unique in that they only happen once. It simply makes no sense to put down a large amount of money for a tent that you’re likely only going to use once. There is a chance, if you hold multiple outdoor events due to work or some other reasons, that you will hold another tented event. However, tent rentals are available throughout the year; you can rent your wedding tent for an extended period of time should you believe that you will reuse it. If you don’t think that your tent will be used more than three or four times in one year, it’s best to rent it out.

2. Weddings Tents Come In Multiple Styles

Should you choose to use an outdoor tent for your wedding, you should know that there are multiple styles to choose from. It’s not as if your tent has to look generic or not in line with how you envisioned your wedding. There are two basic styles of tent: the frame tent and pole tent. Certain styles of tents are more suited to different weather conditions, which is an important factor to take into mind. As for what your tent is made of, there are two real options: polyester and vinyl. Certain types of tent only come in vinyl, however, particularly very large event tents. Vinyl is the strongest material available for tents, and you’ll probably feel safer in choosing a vinyl tent over a polyester tent.

3. Square Footage Is Flexible

Perhaps the most important thing to take into mind when choosing your tent is how many wedding guests you anticipate. This will factor into not only the size of your tent but how much you’ll end up paying, as many tents fluctuate based on size. To get a rough estimate of the footage required, multiple your number of guests by 15 square feet for seating tables, six square feet for the cocktail area, eight square feet for the ceremony area, two to three feet for the dance area, and 25 square feet for the head table. It’s better to be generous with footage. Although we’d all like to rely upon RSVPs to know how many people are attending, there is always the chance of late RSVPs occurring, or even unexpected guests. Plus, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to reserve your tent before you know how many people will be attending exactly. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to safe.

4. Convenience

Perhaps the greatest advantage to an outdoor tent rental is also the simplest. You simply don’t have to worry about things like setting up and storage when you rent a tent. Most rental companies will have a tent set up for you, and will store it when you’re finished with your event. This gives you one less thing to worry about when planning your big day.

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of having an outdoor wedding. Your dreams of a beautiful, natural wedding outside is completely attainable. You just need to put your faith in a rental tent!