Scam centers are the epitome of evil. They pretend to be a number of things ranging from IT to money collection agents. Their goal is to trick people into giving them large sums of their money. Believe it or not, these charades work. Albeit, they normally only work on older people.

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This is why they prioritize on picking on the elderly. This is downright despicable. This is why they had to be stopped. In this video, you will see how Mark Rober, his friends, and some glitter were able to take down major scam centers in India. You can bet the scammers will be thinking of calling their bail agents after this mishap.

Mark Rober is a world class engineer. Therefore, it only makes sense that this mission would require some insane gadgets. Some of them are so crazy that you could put them right in a movie. One such gadget was the roach cannister. This secret cannister could be smuggled into a scam center in a backpack. The cannister would then release the cockroaches at the right time to give the scammers a taste of their own medicine. This required an inside man. Thankfully, Rober knew the perfect man for the job. He is a reformed scammer who knows the ins and outs of these scam centers. Want to know what happens next? You will have to watch the video to find out.