Believe it or not, sometimes people steal U-Hauls. The reason why is beyond me. Yet, it happens occasionally. It can be difficult for police to distinguish one U-Haul fron another because they all look the same. However, one crook made it easy on the police.

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Watch the video to find out why.

For whatever reason, the criminal decided to stash a SUV inside the U-Haul. However, it wouldn’t quite fit. Therefore, he decided to strap it to the U-Haul with about one third of it sticking out the back. This created a peculiar site for onlookers. We can only guess as to why the crook wouldn’t better secure the SUV. Maybe it is for the same reason that he stole the U-Haul? As you can imagine, it didn’t take long for the police to pull over the U-Haul and question the driver. A quick search and they discovered that the man was wanted for not showing up to court. Just like that, this man was caught by the police. He may need a bail bond agent if they will even let him out in the meantime.