There can be hundreds of tornadoes each year. Many tornadoes are strong enough to rip a roof off of your house. In this case, you may need to call a residential roofing professional. However, other tornadoes will decimate a house.

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Most tornadoes fall under the former category. Yet, tornadoes come in many shapes, sizes, and intensities. In this video, you will learn about some of the largest tornadoes to ever be recorded. some of them are well over a mile in diameter!

In 1925, a strong system of storms moved across the southern United States. It would spit out a whopping 12 tornadoes in one day. One of these tornadoes would become one of the most infamous tornadoes in history. It is known as the Tri-State Tornado. It originally touched down in Missouri. As it grew in size, the wind speeds reached 250 miles per hour. It shredded everything in its path, including houses and a schoolhouse. This tornado was also over a mile wide and moved across several states at 70 miles per house. This is where it gets its name from. This was one deadly tornado.